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SAGE combines great features with the power of AI to give you efficiency and speed in Online workspaces, social media platforms, advertising and beyond.

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Smart Summarization
Get the gist of web pages with ease

Just highlight the text you want to summarize. SAGE quickly analyzes the text and returns an easy-to-understand summary that captures the most important points. You'll save time and get the information you need faster than ever before.

Create Compelling Product
Creative titles and descriptions

Simply input your product's tags and features, and our intelligent algorithm will generate captivating titles and descriptions that are sure to grab your customers' attention. You can embed content in any input on the page with the easy-to-use selection tool. Not only will this save you time and effort, but it will also help increase your sales by presenting your products in a more appealing and professional manner.

A New Era of Advertising
Reach your target audience

Now, advertisers simply specify the characteristics of their target audience and SAGE uses this information to produce compelling ad copy. This allows them to advertise to their desired audience on social media channels without the need for an advertising agency. SAGE's feature enables entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other advertisers to effectively advertise without exceeding their budget.

Mastering Complex Formulas
Get ahead by using formulas powerfully

SAGE uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to understand your natural language queries and generate the appropriate formula or code for you. Simply type in your query, and SAGE will do the rest. With its advanced algorithms and vast database of formulas and codes, SAGE can help you tackle any problem you encounter in Google Sheets, no matter how challenging.

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We are incredibly grateful to see how SAGE has helped so many individuals around the world boost their productivity in the workplace. It fills us with joy to know that our product has made a positive impact on people's lives, and we are committed to continuously improving SAGE to ensure that it meets the evolving needs of our users.


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I read a lot of scientific and technical articles. The articles are very long, so it can be difficult to read and understand at the same time. I select the parts I don't understand or want to summarize and send them to SAGE. It summarizes in a short time. Being able to do this anywhere has become my favorite thing.

Easton Meyer

Research Assistant

I've been a full-time content creator for years. I noticed SAGE while following the recent artificial intelligence developments closely. I downloaded and tried it right away, I was really shocked. With its easy interface and prompt shortcuts on all pages, the quality of my content has increased and I have saved a lot of time.

Rowan Lyle

Content Creator

SAGE is a really well developed tool. Time is paramount. Time is precious to all of us, so SAGE always saves you time creating and publishing content. I can put the content in the input I want on the page without copy-pasting. This is truly revolution. An indispensable tool for marketers looking to increase their productivity.

Katie Bondar

Marketing Specialist